Clinical Field Experience

Clinical Field Experience A: Observation Template

While you are observing, take notes about the following elements of classroom learning environments:
The classroom management theories and strategies that are implemented.
How the classroom is arranged.
How the accessibility and safety needs of all students are met.
How the learning needs of all students are met. (If students without disabilities are present, also consider how the learning needs of all students are balanced in the mixed setting.)

  • What the social expectations are for the students present.
  • How students are encouraged to be themselves, and be respectful of other students.
  • How the learning environment is designed to encourage active participation in individual and group activities.
  • Whether the least intensive behavior management strategy is used and is consistent with the needs of individuals with disabilities.
  • How legal and ethical considerations are addressed, including how confidential student data is handled.
  • How paraeducators, volunteers, and tutors support are structured, directed, and supported to create positive learning environments.