Cis Project Management

Reflect on the three competencies of this course. Consider how they might directly apply to your life and work environment when answering the questions below.
Competency 1:
Apply the 12 principles of Agile that influence project management, including the use of estimating and planning tools and change and risk-management control techniques.
Competency 2:
Analyze the conflict resolution strategy.
Competency 3:
Analyze the Agile Framework.
Reflect on the following questions in a minimum of 500 words.
Question #1:
Think of a situation in which using an Agile framework could help you better complete a project. How would you utilize the 12 principles of Agile to implement an Agile framework? How would you put together your team and which conflict resolution strategies would you employ? Finally, how would the Agile framework help you better accomplish your project goals?
Question #2:
What specific assignments or learning activities from this course did you find particularly beneficial? What do you feel could have improved or added to your learning experience in this course?
Submit your reflection.