CH1 – Media Interview – Barriers to Communication

CH1 – Media Interview – Barriers to Communication
After viewing the interview with Freedom Industries President regarding a chemical leak affecting water supply in counties of West Virginia, respond (by discussing the following. Assess the nonverbal and verbal barriers in the interview. In least 500 words, discuss the communication cycle and whether you believe the correct source (person) was used to deliver the message and why?  Talk about things Gary Southern did well and things that were stated that may not have put the organization in the best light. Was this the right medium to use to get the message out? Why or why not? What might be some legal or ethical considerations of this interview?
Interview Video:
CH4 – Danger of a Single Story
After viewing the video, the Danger of a Single Story, by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, discuss what is meant by the title of this video. How do we, sometimes, get caught up in the single story and how does our biases and experiences influence our present and future behaviors?
Answer in minimum of 500 words.  
CH6 Discussion
Watch the video of Julian Treasure. Select one of the methods he discusses for becoming a better listener. Think about what you can do to incorporate these skills into your daily routines? How will this make you a better friend/partner/family member? Employee? Salesperson? Customer Service Specialist? Answer in at least 300 words