Capstone Research

•       General Background about the data analysis method.
•       e.g., This chapter presents the results of data collection and data analysis performed by this research study. The main goal or purpose of this study is to discover and identify issues which….A Google survey form was implemented, and various senior cybersecurity experts/students/ participated in the survey.
•           This chapter also contains the results of the study conducted to answer the following  research questions:
2.    Data Collection
•       How?
•       E.g., Data collection occurred between Oct 2021 and December 2021. The participants in the survey were….Google Forms was used to present the survey instrument to the participants. A total of xx responses were received, from which % responses were usable. A qualitative data analysis software were used. Once the data was collected from Google Forms, it was formatted in Microsoft Excel (.csv) and imported to [whatever tool you are using].
3.     Data Analysis (You may also add here Demographics Analysis)
•       e.g. Proper data analysis is instrumental in identifying and aligning the various variables so that a valuable and comprehensive final output can be deduced. Data analysis is a procedure that is one of the most crucial parts of any research work. This study therefore employed a grounded theory data analysis approach to identify and categorize feedbacks from the research participants.
4.     Findings
•       Here you must clearly identify your findings in graphs/charts and other visualization tools.
•       e.g., Participants were asked if …………. And xx% responded that…whereas the remaining xxx%
5.     Summary
•       A summary of Chapter Four in a paragraph or two.
•       e.g., The results showed that most of the organizations in this study do not have…….