Business Information Systems Power Point

Arthur Pereira Freitas Sousa
Southern States University
Introduction to Business Information Systems
Due Date 12/05/2021
Professor Tem Bugarin
My organization of choice is Coca Cola, the reason as to why I choose this organization is the fact that Coke is a consumer product. Consumer product success depend on positive emotional relationship with that product. Coca Cola realized this long time ago and has heavily invested on marketing to ensure that when you open a coke you’re not doing it because you wanted cola, but because you wanted to feel something associated with the brand.
Issues within the Organization
Government Policy & Regulation
An ever changing business environment always worries businesses, but unpredictable business environment as well as financial policy can complicate almost every business decision making process. We may assume that things may have settled down in the last couple of years but that would be wrong. Every government comes with their policy hence organizations may feel the impact of every government. Conducive government policies as well as regulations attracts investor’s hence promoting business. Harsh business environment scares investors.
Technology is advancing in an alarming rate. Despite the fact that technology advancement has been going on for the last decades, things has changed and at the moment investing in technology means everything within an organization as it give it a competitive advantage. Every organization should define ways to adopt new technology in order to keep up with competition.
Handling Ethic, Legal and Social Issues
The initial phase in dealing with the morals within the organization is to characterize the fundamental beliefs of the organization. While guiding principle can frequently appear to be meaningless statements, this is a failure of execution rather than a disappointment of the actual training. The subsequent advance is an augmentation of the first. Subsequent to characterizing the basic beliefs of the organization, you really want to find ways to assemble a hierarchical culture that mirrors those qualities (Walton, 2018). That implies you want to intentionally converse with your representatives about them, empower them talk about those qualities with clients, and to consider each other responsible for those qualities.
That doesn’t mean making a culture of snitch tells, yet rather a culture of common regard and responsibility where individuals go ahead and help each other to remember the upsides of the association and where chiefs display these qualities in their interactions with employees. Finally, employees who are unable to understand these values as well as those who infringe these values after being given intense mentorship and training in those values need to be fired. If management does not make it clear that core value violations will not be tolerated, you will end up fostering a culture that is entirely different from the stated values of the organization.
Assess the organization and identify areas of concern, then craft policy to address those issues; work with senior leadership to implement those policies and companion programs that include awareness, training and enforcement of those policies. Craft education and awareness campaigns that remind the community of the threats and how to mitigate potential consequences. The campaigns and programs need to match the climate and culture of the organization; coordinating with HR, IT, Security, unions and the executive suit is required to ensure you are matching the community effectively.
This means relating current surroundings as well as processes set out to gather data. This translate to setting aside procedures that should be made to mitigate gaps spotted and getting the required endorsement where needed. Doling out the resources to roll out the necessary improvements. Once needs have been identified, needed resources must be identified to roll out the necessary improvements. Ensuring the progressions have been carried out and are filling the need they were intended to serve. It likewise includes continually observing for any breaks by executing interruption discovery and counteraction frameworks.
Corporate Legal Responsibility
One of the biggest Coca Cola legal responsibility would be liability. In an event they keep their stuff at their warehouse and their warehouse gets broken into and they do not report the theft of their stuff, all they can do is file a claim. They cannot report the theft itself. The warehouse has to do that. There are laws where now you have to report data breaches but some are not reported. It’s still a grey area that will likely lead to a lot of court time in the future and those not within the physical jurisdiction of the data might not have recourse without a suitable agreement.
The other legal issue is with Penetration Testing. The fact that Coke have system they might need someone to test their systems, sometimes this testing involves crossing some boundaries which in legal eyes might be illegal (Niekerk, 2018). Coke must ensure that every legal aspect is meet to ensure that their systems are protected from attacks and everything is documented. Having a policy can play a huge role in attaining this.
Cyber Attacks
Data breaches: Cloud Computing is prone to cyber attacks as hackers are usually looking to perform data breaches and other malicious activities on cloud servers. Coca Cola must take necessary protective steps and update their firewalls to prevent unauthorized access to delicate data.
Improper configuration: While implementing a cloud computing service, organizations need to ensure that they are adequately configured to avoid unwanted exposure. Cloud computing services are designed to simplify business operations and encourage easy sharing. This feature leaves room for security threats to creep in with the misconfiguration of the cloud service. To avoid this, Coca Cola must hire experienced staff to do their configuration.
Account hijacking: Cybercriminals can hijack entire accounts with stolen credentials. Once an account is hijacked, an attacker can go beyond just performing data breaches. These malicious acts may include authorizing unofficial activities that can impact the company in the longer run.
Technology Infrastructure
The main advantage of the internet of things is the fact that it will help the organization gather more data than ever before on a whole range of different subjects. IoT frameworks will help Coca Cola in their operations, it would permit them to screen buyer patterns and react to the interest changes sooner rather than later. This could prompt more prominent deals which lead to more noteworthy benefits and incomes.
Security issues that Coca Cola should focus on are Authenticity, confidentiality, encryption, data integrity, non repudiation and availability. Traditional security mechanism can get rid of the above issues but they are computationally intensive. In IoT devices one cannot afford this much manipulation. IoT works basically on optimization on existing encryption algorithms so that they can be fitted on IoT devices.
Organization Database System
Many organizations address only one angle which is direct access. Most of the job is actually at the data architecture and designing your database accordingly. Coca Cola must restrict access to the database and only allow authorized users. For instance, if a table contain the information of employees, even if a number is a legit string character, it doesn’t belong in a name. Don’t expect the application to sanitize it for you. Do it at the table level. This goes for each type of data your database take. Be very strict and don’t trust the application to sanitize it for you. Of course the access to the system itself is important. The most often neglected part that open the door to hacker is actually bad database design and inexistent data architecture.
Database should be installed with a firewall so that it is not publicly accessible. Users should not save login details in version control or in any cloud app that is not your servers. Security team should restrict personnel access to databases and servers, and do background checks. They should also encrypt database disk data at rest, ensure routine backups and also ensure that data can be restored from backups. By accomplishing all the above Coca Cola can secure their database.
Business Intelligence
BI helps organizations in assessing data to understand market trends. Coca Cola can use this concept to enhance business decisions, define challenges, spot market trends, and come up with new revenue as well as opportunities. By understanding customers, organization have a competitive edge over their rivals.
Data analytics provides data needed by the organization to understand their customers well. Knowing your customers, one can satisfy their needs. Data analytics plays a huge role in defining consumer’s patterns, this can Coca Cola in adjusting their services to suits customer’s needs, customize their services to fulfill each customer need as well as establish customers links.
In business, there are risks all over the place. Client or employee burglary, uncollected receivables, staff wellbeing, and legal liability are only a couple of them. Data analytics might help Coca Cola in recognizing dangers and making protection strides. Increasing their data mining and management abilities, as well as their understanding of machine learning technologies and business analytics, can give them a competitive advantage.
Network Implementation
Networking is quite essential in Coca Cola. Failure to network, they may not achieve the kind of success that you want and even fail. With networking, they can connect with likeminded people that can help them to collaborate and thus create opportunities to expand their business. To boost networking, they can join a co-working space such us Supreme Coworker. This can help them immense opportunities to collaborate as well as get the chance to scale up the office space as their team grows.
Networking is a critical part of business because that’s how a business expand and grow letting people know that there is something new existing in the market. Networking is when you reach out to masses and get to know them one-on-one in regards to their perspectives, ideas and opinions on matters. Meetings, conferences and seminars are all a part of this. One does not only grow as a person through networking but as a business too as the externals help in shaping the business and will always give you an extra push if they liked your business plan.
Cloud Computing
While cloud computing is a great feature that helps people all around the world, it is so important that all the information stored inside these cloud storage is kept safe. These cloud platform providers need to safeguard the infrastructure and the basic computing, network, storage, and network services that are provided. However, we must remember that customers must play some role when it comes to protecting their applications and monitoring activities. If a user is not careful with choosing a strong password, a hacker can easily gain access to the system. Even when adding some additional features, like requiring a mixture of letters and numbers in the password or setting a minimum length, users can leave their accounts logged on or hand over the information to someone else.
Providing online services is very convenient for both customers and organizations in the form of lower costs; customers enjoy preferential prices; on the other hand, organizations have to bear fewer costs by reducing the number of employees required to run the business. Operations such as billing, checkout automation, inventory management, payments, and other operational processes are eliminated, reducing company operation cost.
In an event that organization is operating an ecommerce business, they will have the option to gather information on how long their clients stay on their website, what they are interested in and their buying patterns. That gives the organization a direct knowledge into what’s making them buy from their website (Smith, 2018). Organization can use this information to enhance customer experience as there are records on everything the customer did.
On an ecommerce web site, organization can change their product contributions, show, and advertise products. In a physical store, you’ll need to physically move products around and this takes time. A web based business is amazingly adaptable and allows you to adjust to the client’s needs and the ever changing needs of the business environment.
Strategic Planning
Effective project management is all about delivering the project with desirable or more than expected outputs, using as or less than expected inputs by working around the constraints. Distinct project scope and prerequisites (Wilshusen, 2017). Prior to your team begins working, you want to know precisely what you’re generally anticipated to finish and what the undertaking will and will exclude. A project scope characterizes this for everybody and makes it simple to choose if something is or alternately isn’t essential for the project.
Coca Cola must have a strategy to roll out any plan, they should also fund all their plans. The most ideal way to do this, in my view, is through Business-characterized Portfolios containing Programs and undertakings that are made to be in lock-venture with the strategy and through which chiefs who made the strategy make their vision become a reality. It’s implied that managers who execute their strategies this way should give the authoritative assets required: their own help, subsidizing, individuals, and cautious thoughtfulness regarding change and what it will mean for the organization.
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