Business Homework

Organizations have been struggling lately due to covid-19 pandemic. Their struggle is not only related to financial ability but as well to how they manage and run their business to keep up with planned outcomes. Managers have had hence critical roles in running companies in such challenging circumstances.
QUESTION: You are required to choose a company that is struggling and act as a consultant. Based on your course material, you have to set a plan for managers to follow making sure that the company is properly ran during these challenges time.
Hint: in proposal, you need to consider the following:

  • Define the company you have chosen and why you have chosen it; by that specify the challenges the company is facing so you can discuss at a later stage the role that the manager has to play.
  • Define the role of manager, skills needed, demand, constraints and choices a manager has to take; and how to reduce stress. You need to explain these from a theoretical perspective and discuss in the case of the company you have chosen how the manager should act in line with these theories.
  • The communication climate: open communication climate and closed communication climate. From this perspective, you need to discuss which climate needs to be implemented to enhance communicating information.
  • You need to discuss well main problems faced (bounded/unbounded) and propose approaches/solutions to be taken.
  • Planning cycle has to be as well discussed taking into consideration the control loop and what management needs to do to plan and control decisions.
  • Your discussion should be supported with evidence (references) from both course material and additional resources you referred to.
  • Refrain in your answer to discuss personal opinions or judgements about the issue. Personal opinion, if any, can be provided in the conclusion. From this perspective, you may choose to discuss whether you are willing to do the vaccine or not and explain why with reference to the line of discussion you have provided.
  • Concepts are not necessarily to be discussed in this order. You may discuss them in any order you like as long as there is a comprehensive discussion.
  • For all concepts, you have to explain them from a theoretical perspective and practical one. Accordingly, you are to explain them from your course material and then provide a clear discussion of the company you have chosen by providing clear examples about actions to be taken

Pay attention:

  • Write your answers in essay format
  • Do not copy information as is whether from the course material or the articles you are to refer to.
  • You are to provide a discussion and demonstrate understanding of various concepts and not just list and describe.
  • You have to the course material from chapters 1, 2, 3 and 4 AND additional information from the company you have chosen (website, published brochures, etc.).
  • Remember to cite your sources in the text and to prepare a table of references at the end.
  • Referring to course material alone is not enough. Referring to external resources alone is not enough. You need to use the course material as the base to explore and explain the information in the course material and mentioned external resources.
  • Personal opinion should be limited to the conclusion and should not be a basis for your discussion
  • Referencing: Use the Harvard referencing style for in-text referencing and make a Table of References at the end.
  • Research: In addition, although text books assigned in the course may be used freely as references, you are required to use a minimum of 2 external sources.