Business DB Week 4 Reply

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Answer 1: Creating, managing, and refining the transformation process while maintaining a low-cost structure. In accordance with the case study that is included with this query, the explanation The management team is concerned with maintaining costs as low as possible without having an impact on the transformation process of the business operations. Operations management is concerned with the design, supervision, and improvement of a transformation process without sacrificing on the quality of the final product. Answer 2: All the alternatives are correct. In this way, goods can be created and then entered an automated production system that produces the final product. On a computer screen, the product can be created in three dimensions and then rotated so that the designer can see it from every angle. It assists architects in the design of buildings and workspaces, as well as engineers in the design of automobiles, planes, electronic devices, motorways, bridges, and subdivisions, among other things It lessens the need to rely on third-party outsourcing. It promotes innovation and creativity throughout the manufacturing process Computer aided design, often known as CAD, has all of the advantages listed above for the various design options. It enables the product to be designed in conjunction with an automated manufacturing system, hence reducing the requirement for outsourced manufacturing. It is extremely beneficial to engineers, and it eliminates the requirement for outsourced services. It is possible to rotate the items that are created using this system due to the availability of 3D design models in this system.
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Looking at the future of manufacturing in the United States, do you think U.S. companies are adapting to the challenges of global manufacturing?
Yes, we are adapting to the challenges of global manufacturing. With the innovation and technology advancement we are having. We are cutting the needs of low-cost labor from different countries and the high shipping cost. Doing manufacture regionally instead if globally offer a lot of benefits.
Why has just-in-time inventory control become a dominant production process used in the automobile industry? Can you name other industries where it would be effective?
JIT inventory control became a preferred production process in the auto industry because it automated the accounting of the actual parts or product used and the system will order it to keep the inventory updated which auto industry need due to its high paced manufacturing operations. I believe construction, carpentry, pharmaceuticals, and farming industries are few of the biggest ones to benefit in JIT system.
How do companies decide where to locate their facilities? Provide an example of a company that has located in North Carolina in recent years.
Proximity to its customers, cost of shipping, land for future expansion, initial cost to build. Honeywell relocated its corporate headquarters in October 2019 to Charlotte, North Carolina. Additional note, there are 13 Fortune 500 companies headquartered in North Carolina