BUS 499 – Week 10 Corporate Entrepreneurship Discussion-Strayer University

  • Is the term corporate entrepreneurship an oxymoron? In other words, can corporations—especially large ones—be innovative? Support your answer with examples.
  • Use the Internet to find an example of two corporate innovations—one brought about through autonomous strategic behavior and one developed through induced strategic behavior. Which innovation seems to hold the most promise for commercial success and why?

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RE: Week 10 Discussion
Hi Professor and Classmates,
The rate of growth of technology is exponential which is why businesses need to catch up with new way of doing things to keep up with the trend. The concept of innovation is applicable to both large and small corporations because there is no limit to the advantages that technology bring. Large corporations have an edge because they can capitalize on opportunities that are beneficial to its future success.
The first example of corporate innovation is Disney is seen from their annual “Shark Tank-esque Pitch” which is a program to encourage different ideas from their employees (Donaldson, 2017). This is a clear example of an autonomous strategic behavior wherein there is a bottom-up approach to encourage innovation within the organization. The company knows that most of their employees have direct engagement with their customers which is why it is essential to help them voice out their opinions and continuously improve the quality of the company’s customer service (Disney Institute, 2018).
The second example of corporate innovation is seen in Tesla wherein most of their projects were done through induced strategic behavior (Evan, 2015). The most recent of which is an electric vehicle called the Cybertruck targeted to be released by 2021. Most of the products released by the company where part of Tesla’s strategy to bring innovation to the market (Furr & Dyer, 2020).
Comparing these two innovations in terms of the most promise for commercial success, I would have to choose the induced strategic behavior for companies who are still exploring innovation projects to introduce to the market. This is due to the operational know-how of the management team in knowing what the consumers wants and how they want it to be. However, the autonomous strategic behavior can also be encouraged to consider the inputs of employees who have direct engagement with the wants and needs of the customers.
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