Article Appraisal I (Quantitative)

COPES Question: Authors (year)& Title Purpose:
1 2 3
Not at all Somewhat Mostly relevant
1 2 3
Low Moderate Strong OVERALL rigor
1 2 3
Not at all Somewhat Mostly effective
(significant diffs)
RELEVANCE to my sample/setting
1 2 3
Not at all Somewhat Mostly relevant
Measurement Validity Intervention Results (Summary Statement): Study’s Profile My agency’s client profile and setting
IV (intervention
or stable trait or characteristic)
Outcome measures (DV)
1 2 3
Low Moderate Strong rigor
Results for each variable (list variables from Rigor section and report whether sig difference or not): 1.
What were the differences between groups :
What were the results/changes over time? Were gains sustained?:
Average age:
% Female/Male: Ethnicity:
% African American
% Hispanic
% Asian
% Caucasian
Variable Scale Reliability Reported? Validity Reported?
Internal Validity (draw & name design / nonexp, quasi-exp, or classic exp)
1 2 3
Low Moderate Strong rigor
What aspects of the intervention could be incorporated into your practice setting?
External Validity (Circle: Nonprobablistic or Probablistic)
1 3
Low Strong rigor

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If you had to design a realistic action plan for your agency based on this article, what would you do (develop a fact sheet on important aspects of intervention, design a continuing education opportunity, develop brochure, write a grant, facilitate a task group, revise training, incorporate use with your clients, etc)