Select a topic that interests you.
Include a brief, one to two paragraph introduction of your topic.
This introduction in some ways acts as a summary of your product and country, its primary purpose is to introduce the sources you have annotated and to explain how they relate to each other.
Research the topic.
Create a bibliography.
The bibliography includes annotations for at least 10 sources that you might use in your research paper.
Provide bibliographic information for each source, just as you would in the references section of a paper. Use APA format for these citations.
Types of sources
At least six of these sources must be scholarly journals;
At least two sources must be publicly available on the Web.
Annotate the bibliography.
Summarize each source in a one-paragraph annotation. These annotations should provide brief overviews of the sources. Write a concise one paragraph annotation that summarizes the central theme and scope of the book or article.
Include one or more sentences that include the following
Evaluate the authority or background of the author
Comment on the intended audience
Compare or contrast this work with another you have cited
Explain how this work illuminates your topic
The key points addressed in the source