Analyze how healthcare reimbursement influences your nursing practice.

Natasha Jones
NR 711 Discussion Week 7
Dr. Kidder & colleagues
Analyze how healthcare reimbursement influences your nursing practice.
As an educator, I teach students the importance of providing safe, quality care to all individuals, despite their physical, psychosocial, cultural, spiritual, or medical needs.  Our healthcare system is flawed and not everyone has equitable access to healthcare. As a Doctor of Nursing Practice, (DNP), I will empower my students and other nurses to educate clients about the importance of prevention, maintenance of diseases, illnesses, and risk factors for comorbidities (Cleveland et al., 2019). If clients are in control of their health and wellbeing, it will reduce the need for frequent hospitalizations, medications, diagnostic tests, and visits to emergency departments. It is essential that all healthcare providers collaborate to ensure that clients receive necessary care, but not be subjected to needless or repetitive tests and procedures. The Affordable Care Act’s goal is to provide quality care to all individuals at controlled costs (Salmond and Echevarria, 2017).
Examine how the value-based insurance design (VBID) influences clinical outcomes and cost issues.
Value-based insurance design (VBID) was developed to bring value to healthcare by suggesting the use of high-value services and discouraging the implementation of low-value services by pairing cost with quality. Implementing the use of VBID has the potential to be beneficial and improve patient outcomes, though educating individuals about provider networks, health plan options, and out of pocket expenses is a must (Perez et al., 2019).  VBID may help with medication compliance, as medications are made more affordable. When clients can afford medications, they are able to reduce the number of comorbid conditions, exacerbations, and life-threatening conditions, all of which help to reduce costs and improve health outcomes (Perez, et al., 2019).
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