Using chapter 8 and your own outside resources (credible websites, not Wikipedia),  minimum 2-page  discussing what major factors you believe leads to deviant behavior. APA format is required. Be sure to cite your sources.
Lesson 14 Discussion
You are working as a social worker in an emergency room of a hospital. Jessica, age 19, has been brought in for physical assault. She discloses to you that her boyfriend came home intoxicated, became angry with her, resulting in him breaking her nose and cracking two of her ribs. While she is reluctant to discuss the history of domestic abuse in her relationship, she does say that this is not the first time, however, it is the worst time. What social work interventions would you utilize to help Jessica?
This discussion should be a minimum of 1 page (250 words).
Chapter 9 of the textbook
A Day in the Life of a Prison Social Worker By Dorlee